About Watts Rising

Watts Rising is the result of 10+ years of community advocacy, input and energy from Watts residents just like you! Watts Rising aims to ensure that Watt’s residents are at the center of every one of our projects and part of our process. We have adopted guiding strategies and principles to help ensure the transformation projects increase opportunities for residents of the Watts neighborhood. Those strategies include:

    • Ongoing community participation throughout implementation via regular meetings and other outreach activities

    • Providing direct benefits to Watts households like solar panels, energy retrofits, trees and mini-urban farms for your front yard

    • Job training to improve career opportunities and prepare youth and adults for careers in the growing green and greenhouse gas reduction fields

    • A local hire and small business utilization program to create opportunities for individuals, businesses and organizations

    • Anti-displacement services to ensure existing Watts Rising families can continue to stay in their homes and preserve their businesses to benefit and prosper from the TCC investments

Projects Overview

By implementing a robust and comprehensive community engagement plan, by April 2022 the Watts Rising Collaborative will implement 24 projects that will result in:

    • Reducing greenhouse gases (CO2) emissions by approximately 69,000 megatons, the equivalent of removing about 15,000 passenger vehicles from the road for one year

    • Creating 180 construction jobs and 337 permanent jobs

    • Building 216 new affordable rental units

    • Electrification of the Watts DASH bus route

    • An electric car sharing program and vanpool

    • 50 new solar roofs installed on qualifying single family homes

    • Installing energy efficiency retrofits in 289 single family

    • 25+ blocks of streetscape, pedestrian and bicycle improvements including over five miles of new bike lanes and a one-mile cultural trail

    • A community garden at Markham Middle School with clean tech features, community workshops, and produce distribution

    • Two new public parks

    • Installing 50 urban farms in the yards of volunteering Watts residents

    • Planting 3,476 trees across Watts schools, public housing sites, streets, parks, and in the yards of Watts residents increasing Watts’ tree canopy by 35%

    • 300+ tons of food waste diverted from landfills by distributing or composting produce that would otherwise go to waste

Find out more about our 24 Watts Rising Projects on our PROJECTS page!

Project Map