Stay Rooted In your Community: Anti-Displacement Resources

The Watts Rising Collaborative is first and foremost concerned with the health and safety of the community we serve and our partners. The more we work together and become better informed about this global pandemic, the more equipped we are to get through it. Download our COVID-19 Resource Guide for specific COVID-19 resources that we hope will help you, your family, your business, or your non-profit navigate these challenging times.

Rise with Us!

Many studies and personal stories show that when large amounts of investment goes into communities inhabited by low-income individuals, undocumented immigrants, and people of color, these communities often experience negative effects such as rising residential and commercial rents, landlords engaging in illegal tenant evictions and negligent maintenance, and small businesses being unable to compete with big box retailers, among other factors. This process is known as gentrification (see graphic) and often results in in existing residents being forced out of their communities, when they do not have the financial means to hold onto their apartments, homes, and businesses.

Understanding the potential negative impacts of the Transformative Climate Communities investment, the Watts Rising Collaborative is implementing a plan to prevent displacement and the negative impacts of displacement on health. Led by the Mayor Garcetti's Office of Economic Opportunity and long-time Watts community advocacy group, Watts/ Century Latino Organization (WCLO), Watts Rising connects residents to resources to prevent displacement by lowering utility bills, accessing tenants rights information, gaining employment with better wages, and increasing wealth and assets through business and home ownership. Please see below for resources that can assist you.

Resources and services provided by Watts/Century Latino Organization:

If you would like to learn more about your legal rights as a tenant, if you’re facing the possibility of losing your home and need help navigating your options and programs to help you keep your home, or if you’d like to buy a home for the first time and would like to learn about down payment programs, please contact the Watts/Century Latino Organization for free housing counseling assistance by calling 323.564.9140 or emailing

Resources for Renters

Stay Housed LA

Stay Housed LA has the resources you need to know your rights and the legal assistance to back them up. The COVID-19 pandemic has cost people their jobs and livelihoods. This has put an estimated one-third of households in a position where they cannot make rent and are facing losing their homes.

Stay Housed L.A. County is a partnership between the County of Los Angeles and local community and legal services providers. Together, with Stay Housed LA County they provide the residents of Los Angeles County, from Lancaster to Long Beach, with information and resources to keep people in their homes.

Visit the Stay Housed LA website at:

Resources for Homeowners or Those Seeking to Buy a Home

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Resources for Small Businesses