Measuring Impact

An important component of the Watts Rising Collaborative is the Data Working Group. The Data Working Group is responsible for tracking the inputs and outcomes of the 24 Watts Rising projects, in order to determine how the community has participated in the projects and whether the intended impact is achieved.

The working group is convened by Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (MOEO). Additionally, HACLA participates on the working group as well as UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, the data collection and analysis entity contracted by the CA Strategic Growth Council (SGC). Aside from these lead partners, the working group receives critical support and input from project partners, the Watts Rising Community Advisory Group, and residents.

Data Collection and Plan

The data working group will collect the data identified in the CA Strategic Growth Council’s (SGC) Final Indicator Tracking Plans and be compiled in accordance with the SGC’s Transformative Climate Communities Evaluation Plan. The indicators to be tracked are associated with the goals that the 24 TCC Watts Rising projects intend to accomplish.

Project Indicators

In collaboration with Watts Rising project partners, UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs collects project indicators and compiles into a report on an annual basis. UCLA's Watts Rising Baseline and Progress Report on Early Implementation of the Transformative Climate Communities Program report may be found here. The report covers the period from the date of the TCC award (January 2018) through Month Three of Implementation (June 2019) .

The 2020 report may be found here.

Watts Community Studio & Young Ethnographers

Every summer, Charles Drew University, utilizing a cohort of students, will conduct a community survey to gain knowledge of qualitative data such as community perceptions and lifestyle changes that may be more difficult to track in other ways. This community survey will encompass questions to ascertain small business displacement vulnerability survey.

Air Quality Monitoring

Click here to learn more about our Air Quality Monitoring network and data collection.