Services & Opportunities

Watts Rising has a multitude of ways you can get involved. From joining our Youth Climate Group to volunteering for a tree care event, you can be part of creating a healthier Watts! Check out some opportunities by exploring the pages below.

Watts Youth Climate Group

Watts Rising has opportunities for youth to cultivate their leadership potential and engage their peers and families around climate action and the built environment. We have community garden meet ups to not only beautify the Watts community but also learn how to garden, compost, and gather fresh organic fruits and veggies!

The TerraWatts robotics club is in the process of creating a solar panel irrigation system for the Heart of Watts community garden off 103rd. Helping the Eco Club within Jordan High School learn more about green jobs, garner community service hours while beautifying their school and community, and building their college and work resumes. We also have kid and eco friendly activities at community events to keep your little ones engaged while you socialize and learn about resources we and our partners offer! We are always looking and listening to ideas from the youth and community of Watts on how the younger generation want to engage and help combat climate disruption within their community.

Please email with comments, questions, concerns, or ideas! More to come Spring 2023.

Watts Rising offers a number of ways to get involved in creating a greener, healthier Watts.

From free services and programs like solar panels and trees for your home, to joining a walking club or a school safety collaborative, and much more!

  • Electric Car Rentals for $5 an hour / $29 per day
  • Sign up for free on the Green Commuter app before program launch with promo code MEGAWATTS2023
  • More information at

Transform your yard into a place to grow your own food! Through the Watts Yardners program Homeowners and Renters are able to receive a free garden installation as well as the tools and resources to grow your garden! For a free assessment and consultation, contact Ava Post:

  • Qualifying Watts residents can receive FREE energy efficiency retrofits: water heater replacement/relocation, ceiling fans, low flow faucets, light fixtures, vacancy/motion sensors, earthquake shut off valves, AC windows, low flow shower heads, LED light bulbs, smart thermostats.
  • To apply, fill out this form, or email or call (310) 323-4663 ext. 314 for more information!
  • Our wonderful tree planting partners, North East Trees and TreePeople, are giving out FREE trees to the residents of Watts! These trees are available, at no cost, for your private residences.
  • If you are interested in receiving a tree for your residence, please reach out to Gemma Lurie or Gama Vargas
  • Save thousands with FREE solar panels! Use our online solar calculator for an instant estimate on your savings with solar - solar PV. The Watts Rising program is FREE for qualified homeowners!
  • To apply, fill out this form, or email or call (310) 323-4663 ext. 314 for more information!

Pick up free produce at WLCAC’s  free market every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10am - 1pm @ 10950 S Central Ave. Contact Ava Post, or 323-923-2494 for more info.

Public Forum

The Watts Rising Public Forum was a monthly meeting our collaborative held to update residents, stakeholders, and project partners on all things Watts Rising related. Project partners would share updates on projects, Street Team members let us know what is going on in the community, and staff shared upcoming opportunities for projects, funding, and more. We have stopped holding Public Forums as of 2024, but we welcome you to view past recordings of our Public Forums. 

If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas for our meetings, please contact HACLA’s Community Relations Specialist, Eric Washington, by email:

Anti-Displacement Programming- Stay Rooted in Watts

Every person wants the comfort of a quality and affordable place to live, feeling connected to their neighbors, and seeing that their family thrives. Academic research and personal experiences show that when large amounts of money (or capital investment) flow into a community where low-income individuals, undocumented immigrants, and people of color live, current residents often experience issues that prevent them from having an affordable place to live. They might face an increase in residential and commercial rents, landlords doing illegal evictions or harassment, and small businesses being unable to compete with big box retailers, or other programs. These issues can cause current residents to no longer be able to afford their rent and force them to leave their community in search of housing or business space they can afford. 


To lessen the negative, unintended consequences that might result from the Transformative Climate Communities grant, the Watts Rising Collaborative is currently implementing leading a Displacement Avoidance Plan (DAP). The overall goal of the plan is to connect Watts residents – renters, homeowners, and business owners – to resources, information, and policy interventions to help them stay rooted in their community. For more information, click here.