Watts Rising is a collaboration of Watts residents, 40+ organizations, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, the Mayor’s Office, and Council District 15 committed to improving the quality of life in Watts.

In 2019, the Watts Rising Collaborative was awarded a $33.25 million Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Grant from the State of California’s Strategic Growth Council (SGC), and additionally leveraged over $160 million, to fund community-identified infrastructure projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Watts and improve the economic and public health of Watts residents.

Building upon decades of community leadership, academic research, community surveys and planning documents about Watts, Watts residents defined and prioritized a suite of projects as well as community engagement, workforce development and displacement avoidance strategies.

With continued, vibrant community input, leadership and participation the Watts Rising Collaborative will implement 24 infrastructure projects by April 2022 that will expand urban agriculture and access to healthy organic produce, provide more affordable and sustainable housing, increase low- and no- carbon transportation options, increase community green space, expand our tree canopy, and make our streets safer for walking and biking.

Visit our PROJECTS page for more information on the community-identified infrastructure projects coming to Watts.

24 Community-Identified Infrastructure Projects will:

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