March 29, 2023

Habitat for Humanity- Improving Homes One Resident at a Time

Interview conducted by Valery Holguin

Blog written by Jannet Cordova |

Home improvements can be extremely costly causing some homeowners to put off these repairs and improvements for some time. This however, makes the repair or improvement even costlier and will require more time and money. Luckily, Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization located in Watts, helps families to build and improve their living space at no cost through their Watts Rising Energy Efficiency Upgrade program. It was through this program that Watts resident, Thelma Gavin-Bowman, was able to receive the improvements her home needed at no cost to her.

Thelma explains she received a “hardwired heater, two air conditioners, one ceiling fan, one kitchen faucet, and two shower heads for my home.” These improvements were free of cost which she describes as “absolutely wonderful”. 

Improvements were installed within two or three days, she describes. “They came in, took a look, did everything professionally, and left my home with no mess.” Thelma had reached out to Habitat for Humanity when her water heater broke down but was left with even more improvements giving her home a whole revamp. 

“I would say the program helped me by saving at least ten thousand dollars..out of my pocket those costs would have been very high”, Thelma explains. She mentioned the additional cost of labor that would have been added had she made these improvements herself. 

When asked if she would recommend this program she said she already does.“ I already told my neighbors and everyone who I come across, in my neighborhood.” She even gives people tours of her home so they can see these improvements for themselves. “Absolutely, I tell everyone how this program is one well done. Free installment and friendly service…The program was an incredible help.” 

Thelma expressed her gratitude for this program and encouraged other residents to take advantage of the program available in the Watts community. It will surely alleviate some stress that comes with being a homeowner.

For more information about the program and how to apply please refer to the program’s flyer. You can also email or call (310)323-4663 ext. 314 and be sure to leave your name, phone number, and home address. Income and other restrictions may apply.

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