LOS ANGELES — Creating more green space in underserved city streets is more important than ever as climate change is making temperatures hotter and causing a severe drought. Watts Rising, a collaboration of residents and local organizations, received some green to plant more green in the community.


A lack of tree cover in low-income areas has left many residents especially vulnerable to rising heat. It’s a legacy of the city’s design- and its history of racist policies.


With record global temperatures stoking droughts and deadly heat waves, some scientists are eyeing audacious schemes to counteract global warming—from erecting enormous air filters to suck carbon dioxide from the air to launching millions of sunlight-defecting space mirrors into orbit around the planet.

Other scientists see the value of simpler tools: shovels and paintbrushes.

Watts Rising partner TreePeople teamed up with the LA Galaxy soccer team to plant trees in Watts! Check out pictures and some more insight from our partners on their Instagram!

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